About Colten Zamrzla

Born into a hardworking family with deep Midwestern heritage, Colten was born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska. From a young age, the importance of education and strong work ethic were instilled in him, giving him the drive to pursue effective policies that will support the hard-working, family- and community-oriented people of Lincoln.

Colten moved to Lincoln for college and immediately recognized the vibrant community, making it an easy decision to choose Lincoln as ‘home’. Following interests that began in high school, Colten earned an internship at Copple Insurance Agency, a local independent agency, and transitioned to a full-time position there upon graduation.

After careful consideration and discussion with his wife, Hanna, on August 29th, 2018, Colten announced his candidacy to represent District 3 on the Lincoln City Council. With goals of tax relief, better roads and infrastructure, public safety, and strong economic growth for the entire City of Lincoln, Colten will be the council representative who actively listens to the people in his district. He will hold regular meetings with constituents to discuss community concerns and be a representative you can rely on.

Colten would be proud to represent Lincoln and humbly asks for your vote.