Colten's Guiding Values

Fiscal Responsibility

The citizens of Lincoln work hard, and they deserve efficient, effective government. Fiscal responsibility means ensuring every tax dollar is being put to the best possible use. This will require my diligence and attendance at budget planning hearings, taking the future of Lincoln seriously.


As your elected official, I will proudly advocate for the citizens of Lincoln, particularly those in Southwest Lincoln. This means showing up to the meetings, researching all angles of the issues, being available to answer questions and concerns of my constituents, and not using my time on the Council as a campaign platform for higher offices.

Strategic Planning

Successful public policies require a long-term view, and a long-term view requires a strategic mindset. Proactively anticipating changes and new challenges will make great ideas great both for the short-term and long-term—and will avoid additional sales tax initiatives!


Being trustworthy is being transparent. Lincoln deserves and needs government officials that say what they mean and avoid all conflicts of interest.


The government has a duty to protect and preserve nature and natural resources. We must protect these resources through innovate energy-efficient projects that are balanced by being friendly to small-business and low-income individuals.